Buying a first home is incredibly stressful, and for someone without a financial background securing a mortgage in a volatile market is the most confusing part. Texas Edge was able to boil down all the rates and acronyms into logical information we needed to make the right decision. They went out of their way to make sure we got the best available rate. I recommend Texas Edge Mortgage to anyone in the market for a home loan.


We would like to acknowledge the exceptional service that we received during the entire refinancing process. The professionalism and knowledge of the team at Texas Edge was impressive and truly appreciated. In the past, we have had experience with several others banks and have found the process frustrating and tedious. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were met and that everything was handled thoroughly and efficiently. We have and will continue to recommend this excellent company in the future.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Texas Edge in refinancing our home mortgage. From beginning to end, their team was informative, extremely thorough and attentive to our financial needs, thus making sure that we were getting the best deal possible. This is our second experience working with them and we would highly recommend this company to anyone.

I worked with the best team possible for my mortgage loan. Texas Edge Mortgage was recommended to me by my daughter and son-in-law when they helped them with the purchase of their home. From the beginning they showed exemplary professionalism in handling my loan. They was straight forward and very helpful in explaining the process from beginning to end. We hit a few snags in the process but in the end I was able to get my dream home. I could not have done this whole process without them and would highly recommend this company to my family and friends. I have made another friend for life!

We were looking at so many options for our Refi – 15 Year vs. 30 Year, combining two mortgages into one. We tried working with our bank, but became very frustrated at the inflexibility. We decide to talk to Texas Edge because they had helped us so much with our first mortgage almost 10 years ago. Our loan officer gave us the pros and cons of every option we discussed, and was always open to running multiple scenarios for us. When we finally chose the right financing plan for our needs, they guided us through every step of the way. Thank you, Texas Edge!